The Birth of the Xue Xue Foundation

The rise of the East Asian economy has ushered in an age in which the cultural and creative output of Chinese societies can shine. In Taiwan, children from privileged backgrounds have plenty of resources and access to a wealth of experience, allowing their five senses to be better interconnected with each other. When they grow up, it is easy for them to understand the market’s needs, and enter the job market with a competitive advantage. However, for underprivileged children from remote communities or low-income families, they may have lost the race even before it began. In view of this, helping such children gain access to aesthetic education has become an important task for Taiwan.

This is why, in 2007, Shihlien Group Chairman Por-Shih Lin and his wife Lilin Hsu created the Xue Xue Foundation to provide aesthetic education and instruction on cultural colors for underprivileged children in Taiwan. Since its founding, the foundation has continued to sow the seeds for the appreciation of beauty amongst children from disadvantaged communities around Taiwan. The seeds have sprouted and grown in their minds as they learn about their culture’s unique features, sparking creativity. The wide range of classes that foster aesthetic literacy has transformed the children from within; they have become more confident and are starting to turn their lives around through art.

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